From Anime To a Movie Adaption

Video games have been adapted into Hollywood movies ever since Mortal Kombat became a VHS title back in the 90’s.mortal kombat

With the huge search of anime fans here in the states for the past five to ten years, Hollywood has taken a gander at adapting anime to full-length live production movies as well. It has had a very rocky start.

A movie released not too many years ago known as “Dragonball Evolution” was released probably as one of the worst movies of all time.

They called it “The Roast of Dragonball Evolution.” Essentially they started playing the movie on low volume while the talent, and celebrities took turns commentating jokes, and other things to properly explain how terrible it was! It was funny and better than the movie itself!

This all goes down to the fact that anime movie adaptions did start doing a very good job. Dragon Ball Z was a very beloved anime that ran for very many years, and because of that, the reaction for the horrible movie was of outrageous that breaks every scale there is.

It didn’t discourage American movie studios forever, though. There is a new movie that is confirmed, and in production as of right now for another very famous anime. That old and very famous anime are known as Ghost in the Shell.

This anime, in particular, is about a cyborg special operations soldier as a part of a counter cyber-terrorist organization. I didn’t get very in-depth with it myself while I was younger, as it played late at night on TV, but many people did.

Top anime shows in 2016

A new anime season usually means new anime. With so many anime shows in 2016, it can be quite hard to know which one to watch. Some people are actually new to the anime or they have just taken a break but recently came back. Nevertheless, there has always been lots of anime shows but which anime had the most interesting story line in 2016? Animation and art style? Which one was more engaging to the viewers? Well, you have come to the perfect place. Here are the top 10 best anime 2016:

10. Madoka Magica

Middle school students Sayaka Meiki and her friend Madoka Kaname encounter a little mysterious creature known as Kyubey who then offers them a very exciting opportunity. They are offered a contract where a girl could have any wishes granted to her in exchange for the magical power and the task of fighting against witches. Whereas Madoka struggles in determining whether she will make this contract, a mysterious magical girl and transfer student, Homura Akemi, tries to stop her from making this agreement at any costs. After meeting the upperclassman at this same school, Tomoe reveals that she also has magical powers and then agrees to take these girls for witch hunting. When the devastating events befall, Madoka is left wondering just what it meant to become a magical girl as well as the perils which it would force them to experience.

9. Attack on Titan

More than one 100 years ago, the giant humanoid creatures known as Titans appeared suddenly and almost wiped out humanity by devouring every person without any reason or remorse. What remained on the human race nowadays resides in 3 enormous concentric walls where humanity has lived inside peacefully. After a seemingly ordinary day, the wall which protected them for a long time has been breached and the young Eren Yeager together with Mikasa Ackerman, his adopted sister, rush to look for their parents. Eren Yeager watches in dismay as a titan consume his mother and he vows to kill all titans. He then gets enlisted in the military together with other survivors from this attack.

The Definitive American Anime

Some of the greatest anime in history have always come from Japan to America, but never did any from America go to Japan. Now recently from the past couple of years, there is an exception, and that exception is an online animated show known as RWBY!

RWBY was created by an internet entertainment company named Rooster Teeth that was born, and based in the city of Austin, Texas. Rooster Teeth was a company that wasn’t very well-versed in the world of anime other than having many employees who thoroughly enjoyed watching it.RWBY!

In fact, the main characters as well a majority of the other characters are voice acted by Rooster Teeth employees who at the time had no voice acting experience. Somehow by the hard work of their dedicated and loyal employees, they released an online video series that became the first American anime to be dubbed in Japanese, then sold in Japan on Blu-ray and DVD.

It’s an incredible accomplishment, but if you have ever watch RWBY, you would understand why. The series was originally envisioned and mostly worked on by a brilliant man named Monty Oum.
As the lead animator at Rooster Teeth, he did incredible work and was an inspiration to many people who also wanted to accomplish their dream. Monty Oum, unfortunately, passed away at an incredibly young age due to medical complications during surgery. The day I found out I was heart broken! The show still lives on though as a tribute to Monty Oum, and is his biggest accomplishment, as well as his dream, come true.

It’s a family-friendly online show starring four main female characters who attend an academy to learn the ways of unique combat, and team work to fight the unique world’s infestment of monsters. The show is still running of course, and will not disappoint.

The voice acting is fantastic, the animation is unique, and signature to the great artist Monty Oum. It’s available to watch free to it’s very many fans on YouTube, as well as the studio’s website, and for the supporters, it is available in hard copies.

As a huge fan of anime, and a huge fan of Rooster Teeth for very many years I am very happy about what this show brings, and what has become of the studio. The studio started out as just a handful of guys working in someone’s apartment thirteen years ago while maintaining full-time jobs as well.

It started out with them doing something called “machinima” by recording scenes using the video game “Halo,” and voicing them over.

Fast forward thirteen years and they are now making great animations like RWBY, X-Ray and Vav, and more. Their studio is utilizing around one hundred employees, and still growing today!
I get a unique experience from watching RWBY knowing the people who voice act it from all of Rooster Teeth’s productions, and the story behind the people who made it as well as Monty Oum. Even without that unique experience it is an fantastic American anime that everyone should take the time to check it out their selves.

Their accomplishment alone from this award-winning series gives it a good enough reason to at least be a bit curious. It’s certainly a series I will be watching more than once.

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Art and Anime Are One of a Kind

Art and Anime are two things that cannot be separated from each other. The animation in the past couple of decades has taken big leaps and major interest.

It’s now available to watch just about anywhere you would find other videos, and in some places like YouTube you can find free shorts by independent animators. Each anime show has a different art style to it that makes it unique to all of the others.

Animation takes years upon years to master it at the level that some of these modern day animations are. Two Japanese animes that became famous for their incredible level of animation work is “Highschool of the Dead,” and “Attack on Titan.” Both are not meant for younger audiences, but for the adults that watch them it is hard not to appreciate the fantastic animation work in them.

attack on titanAttack on Titan was not even finished with the first season release of it’s anime in Japan in the Japanese language before I started hearing about it from all of my friends. They were fully willing to enjoy it by reading the English subtitles rather than wait for it to be dubbed over by English voice actors.

Once again the first comment I heard about it every single time that the animation work on it was incredible. Highschool of the Dead had a similar effect on people, but as time goes on, and more anime is produced the standard keeps getting higher.

One of the biggest things that you tend to notice about it though after a while is that people seem to appreciate the art of animation so much, but who can name a single anime animator? It seems like just about no one who simply watches anime really can.

I’m personally guilty of this very same thing because the only animator I can name is Monty Oum, but that was only because I was such a huge fan of the studio he worked for, and the news of his death was quite the news. It seems like an animator is an artist because most artists typically go unappreciated as well as remain unintentionally anonymous.

I don’t know how long it takes to animate something, or the work it takes involved. I dabbled in it a little bit in highschool with one of my classes, but not much more than that. Still with that mere sneak peak into what animators go through to complete any animation it baffles me at the thought of how much work they put into it!

As an artist of a different sort though I understand some of their pain that art is something will people will gawk at for a moment, but for only a moment. Once that moment passes the memory of that art typically goes away forever, and so does the memory of your existence in relation to that work.

To those artists who do make it I salute them. For those of you who enjoy anime take the time to learn about the lead animator’s name a little can go a long way!

Voice Acting That’s Skyrocketed Thanks to Anime

The voice acting industry has taken a big leap along side anime’s big leap into popularity. Voice acting is the art of giving a voice to your favorite animated characters from any anime, or video game that you find.voice acting

Anime has gotten huge, and before it did you likely couldn’t name a single voice actor, but now many people can.

If you’ve ever heard the name Troy Baker, Matthew Mercer, Nolan North, Keith David, or Grey Griffin, then you may already be feeling anime’s effect on the voice acting industry. The screen actor David Duchovny well known for the main male role in X-Files once tried out voice acting himself for a successful shooting game years ago known as “Area 51.”

While I’m on the topic of video games, I would like to thank Kris from the Garage Door Guy for repairing my loud broke down garage door. I can now play without the racket.

If you watch the “behind the scenes” for that video game, he states that he experienced a lot more re-takes, coaching, and other frustrations in the sound booth that he didn’t experience infront of the camera for TV. As far as I know, he hasn’t done much voice acting since!

Most anime is made in Japan, and for that reason, it’s originally done with Japanese voice actors in the Japanese language. For that reason, before the anime is shown on TV in the United States it has to be “dubbed” over by English-speaking voice actors.

As popular as anime has become in the United States in this age the demand for voice acting has sky rocketed. Video games have helped as well, but anime has provided much more work for the industry, and continues to provide.

I hear a lot more today than I used to a decade ago that people dream of becoming a voice actor. Looking in from the outside it can seem like a pretty easy job talking into a microphone every once in a while, then collecting a paycheck. It’s not nearly that simple, fortunately, because if it were easy, we wouldn’t have the high quality voice acting content we have today!

Anime has a lot of emotion to it if not exaggerated emotion which is a quality that makes it great. As fictional as anime is, the writers, as well as the animators, use the free realm of fiction to their full advantage. For the voice actors, this means their work has to be spot on with every expression, and every scene they voice act.

You can’t have a lisp, and the number of different impressions you may have to pull off can be tremendous. It’s a job that takes a lot of acting practice, vocal pronounciations, and a natural talent for impressions doesn’t hurt.

If you enjoy or appreciate anime shows, then you have also to appreciate voice acting. Without good voice acting, even the best written anime could be turned into absolute garbage. I am a huge admirer of anime whether it is in English, or in Japanese.

I’ve met some of the voice actors of some of my favorite anime characters of all time, and it is an awesome experience like no other.

It’s certainly an autograph I admire more than the autographs I have from on-screen actors, and even the authors of some of my favorite book series!

Conventions and Cosplay, The Gifts That Anime Has Given Us

Anime has put a big impact on the world, especially here in North America. There are people here who spent hundreds, upon hundreds of dollars to craft their costumes. It’s a form of art that people call “cosplay,” and it’s catching on like wildfire among children, teenagers, and adults.

It’s grown into its culture based entirely on another culture, and it is wonderful. I’ve been a couple of conventions myself and have photographed cosplayers. The time, and effort they put into their costumes for those few days every convention is unreal, and beyond beautiful.

It’s a way they can embody a fictional character from an anime that they admire. It’s become a competition for some and an object for creativity for others. You can see all of the time women making female versions of male characters for their cosplay, or the other way around.

People don’t allow gender, body type, or race to stop them from embodying the resemblance of their character!

Anime has given a gift that anyone canime cosplayould enjoy, and that is anime conventions. They are a place where nerds with a common interest gather together to
socialize, party, shop, and meet celebrities. One of the best weekends of my life was at an anime convention that was held at a large downtown hotel.

I got myself a hotel room, bought a bunch of artwork, watched cool panels, participated in events, and then I danced the night away just to go to bed at three in the morning.

If you ever want to find something unique about the anime you love, or find a new anime to get into, the little booths set up in the dealer room every convention has. Artists sell their anime themed art, and different crafts that you can’t find anywhere else, and in some cases you can find something incredible.

The dealer room is great because earning money for your work as an artist can be incredibly tough. The dealer room helps to support artists who share your interests from the local area giving the money, and appreciation they deserve for their work.

It’s not entirely artists though there are a lot of local comic book stores, or businesses that tour around the United States from convention to convention that bring their best stuff there. Either way, if there is any anime-related buried treasure, then an anime convention is exactly where you’re going to find it.

For a nerd, the best place to socialize, and meet new friends is at your local anime convention. Not only are their incredibly fun events, concerts, and panels to enjoy, but people who share your interests there as well.

Panels are where people gather around as an audience to a table of celebrities who talk about and answer questions about a show, or other stuff they are in. If you’ve never been to one yourself you can go to YouTube to look at celebrity panels, and find some golden moments.

Just about anything related to a panel of celebrities you enjoy will leave you either interested or laughing. The concerts are even better because just about everyone in the audience is in cosplay. If you haven’t seen someone crowd-surfing on top of a group of storm troopers, then you haven’t lived. By the end you’ll have at least a few new friends, and a weekend to remember.

What’s Up with the Animation in Dragon Ball Super?

dragon ball z superMany Dragon Ball Z fans out there are enjoying the recently released sequel series known as Dragon Ball Super (or as I like to call Super Dragon Ball since I think that sounds better, plus I’m pretty sure that’s what the literal translation would look like, but don’t quote me on that.)

However, many long-time fans have expressed malice towards the quality of the artwork and animation used throughout the series. It is pretty easy to tell that quality has dropped significantly during the first two sagas (God of Destruction and Resurrection of Frieza), and it’s most apparent in the latter.

I am here today to talk about some of the reasons why I believe they have decided to drop their quality, as well as my future aspirations regarding their animation and design process. First off, my main concern is their target audience.

Are they trying to build an audience from the new and current generation, or are they aiming this series at their long-time, matured fans?

One would assume the latter because of their lack of attention to details. Now the question arises: Do they just not care about their quality since they own such a strong and profitable franchise? My answer to that would be yes, but not in the way you would think.

My Theory

It is obvious that Akira Toriyama, manga artist and creator of the Dragon Ball series, knows that he owns an extremely fruitful and successful line of manga, anime, and game series, and I believe he is taking advantage of that at the moment.

Both of these first two sagas have already been released as movies and are out on DVD and Blu-ray. Funimation and Toei Animation (the companies responsible for producing Dragon Ball episodes) have probably used this opportunity to hire new employees to work on the real series
while they focus on other matters.

I believe they saw this as a means to train interns and give them on-the-job experience while they rest of the company works on future storylines. This way they can make sure that their new, original episodes are well-made and thought out. I think I can manage to bide my time until we get through these arcs and onto the new ones.

If I am correct in this, I support these actions because I know just how hard it is to get experience in the animation, game design, and media industry.

Just about every job requires experience, and the only way you can get experience is by working for free as an intern at a low-rate, indie company that won’t shine very brightly on your resume. Kudos to Akira for granting upcoming animators this amazing opportunity!

Anti-Piracy Theory

There is one other theory stating that the broadcasting quality is purposely low to fight back against piracy, which is ever so popular in the anime genre.

My only response to this theory is, “Why?”

Why would this multimillion dollar franchise have any need to fight against piracy?

Either way, this theory defends Funimation and Toei Animation by suggesting that the DVD and Blu-Ray set releases will be improved and remastered for better quality, but I’ve never heard of a TV show doing this. I guess we will wait and see.